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Lost in the Willow Tree

July 14, 2009
By Stephanie Chen GOLD, Vancouver, Other
Stephanie Chen GOLD, Vancouver, Other
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For you
I hope
I dream and I see stars
wrinkling their noses
resisting the pull of those black holes
For you
I rip open my heart
I weep; I bleed.
For you
what wouldn’t I do?

The blood smeared over the rocks
straying onto the grass
a grafitti
a masterpiece.
The willow tree
O my willow tree-
the arms that wrapped around my shoulders
the tears that were my smug accomplice-
shielded me from your sight
from those blue
icy eyes
deeper than the diamonds
in my midnight sky.

A child you are
and emptily.
You tilt your chin
for the dentist to poke at your teeth.
Yet in the corner
where I cannot see my fingers
and don’t know whether you have two or six
we are fraternal twins
It's okay, baby;
I forgive you.

I stagger
from the looming grey;
I venture
for you.
When I see those billowy blond strands
that wrap around your shoulders,
Zap! I whiz back
to find a red river-
an emerald needle falls
and balances on my bare skin
and stops me
afraid to disrupt
your harmony.

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