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July 6, 2009
By Jezabel PLATINUM, Ricmond, Virginia
Jezabel PLATINUM, Ricmond, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
In the end we will not the remeber the words of your enemys, but the silence of are friends.
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

I'm not lying when i say i am scared.
Scared of what i couldn't see,
but even my enemys could.
Scared of the fact that i'll have to see you for the next four years every day.
I'm scared of the fact that one day my kids will ask about my first kiss.
I'm scared of my answer, how not only mently but physical you hurt me.
I'm scared of you.
But........... i'm happy its over.
you were just another person in my life.
I'm happy becasue i'm over you.
I'm happy becasue there will be other boys
BETTER boys who well never hurt me.
I'm happy that i'm nolonger scared

The author's comments:
Hey, i'm jez. What to say sorry for my spelling. i'm dislesive

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