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July 4, 2009
By Alison Green SILVER, Kensington, California
Alison Green SILVER, Kensington, California
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you are
pure poetry

which is why i can’t
write anymore

being around you
is like watching
the right words fall
into place

the way you look
at me, silently,
through your eyelashes
i am drenched in emotion for you

i cannot bend words
to look like you sprawled
across my bed in just a
white tee shirt
thin lipped, drowsy,
smiling up at me
like i am sunlight

i will never be able
to describe his unexpected
arms sliding around
my waist, his lips quickly,quietly
on my cheek, his chin resting softly
on the top of my head

i can’t find the words that will
accurately depict the sharp intakes
of breath, my skipping, cart wheeling heart, the way i felt when i saw tears in the corners
of his eyes

this is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen

you are
pure poetry
every word i write you placed
in my hand.

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