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That which I crave

July 3, 2009
By Scorpiopoet GOLD, Torrance, California
Scorpiopoet GOLD, Torrance, California
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I sit on the roots,
underneath this tree.
I sit and think to myself.
As I watch the sea. I feel
the cool breeze, blowing in my face.Sheltered by the shade,
away from the sun's rays.

I watch the sun, glisten off
the waves. Though the setting
is so beautiful,there is something
that I crave. I look to my side,
at the empty space under the tree.
Suddenly I realize what I crave, someone to sit next to me.

The author's comments:
This poem exemplifies how you could be in the most beautiful environment, but still feel incomplete if you experince it alone.

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on Jul. 13 2009 at 1:21 am
xXFadedFlowerXx GOLD, Roy, Utah
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Wow, this is so completely true. What good is a sunset or a beautiful night sky full of stars if there's no one to share it with? You write amazing poems, keep writing :)