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The Way it Ends

July 1, 2009
By Santosh Mohan BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
Santosh Mohan BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
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We dimensionalize to utilize
the propagated promise on premises of demise
to therefore suffer in strife of perfection, longing for resuscitation
counting the syllables of shrills caught in conflagration

Now the night sky manufactures an ambiance romantic red
the whole world embraces for the ultimatum to impend
Today I asked the universe if there is such a thing called happiness
for a moment she hesitated and solemn still clouds showed nothingness

So I turned to decrepit glass, smoldered and stained
the State's spires pierced the skies and light let rained
maybe one mustn't vindicate existence, no meaning nor role
but rather lie with another and let fabricated hearts unfurl

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