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Soaring, Yet Falling

June 24, 2009
By WolfRider GOLD, St. Paul, Minnesota
WolfRider GOLD, St. Paul, Minnesota
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As the roller coaster
Starts to go up,
My anxiety rises with it.
My breathing picks up,
And I feel a smile
Growing on my face.
We reach the top,
And for a moment
Time stops.

I look down, and I’m torn.
I want to go down;
Feel the rush of wind
As we pummel back
Down to the ground.
And yet, I want to back away
From this ledge;
Walk away from this ride.

Even thought I know
There’s no stopping the ride,
I still can’t help thinking
And wanting to give in
To my cowardly side.

Time starts again,
And we’re racing
To the ground.
I raise my hands,
And feel the wind fly
Through my open fingers.
My spirit soars,
And I scream

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