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Lady Palm

June 23, 2009
By Shley SILVER, Darien, Illinois
Shley SILVER, Darien, Illinois
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She stands tall.
High above the dreams
And the dreaming,
Breathing with the wind.

Inhale ...

... exhale

And that is all.

She watches people come and go
To a far-off place,
Sometimes back.
But not always.
She wonders where they go,
Why they don’t come back.

Is it better there?
She dreams
Among the dreaming.

Inhale ...

... exhale

And that is all

The author's comments:
Looking at pictures from my trip to California, I came across one of a palm tree next to the ocean, and you can see land way on the other side. I thought I would write a poem in that palm tree's point of view, 'standing tall' above life and longing to reach the other side.

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