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June 22, 2009
By Scorpiopoet GOLD, Torrance, California
Scorpiopoet GOLD, Torrance, California
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She graciously walks in and out of my life, our fate has been uncertain from the start. Many times I've tried to pull away, but a spell has been cast on my heart.
I was at my highest when she was with me, I wasat my lowest when she left. There was no greater feeling than when she was with me,
and she rested her head on my chest.Oh how I became intoxicated, from the scent of the perfume she wore, I would plead with her embrace me, embrace me, once more, once more.
All t he while she was with me, the sun seemed to shine. And all of my fears and sorrows subsided, when she put her hand within mine.
Her voice was all that I heard, whenever she would speak. And whenever in her presence, I felt empowered yet weak. And everytime she smiled at me, oh how she smiled at me. With those teeth as white as the sea shells from the shore. I would plead with her smile at me, smile at me, once more,once more.
But I could never grow too comfortable, because she was soon to leave. She would leave me with a broken heart, and teardrops on my sleeve. I thought that she loved me, she said that she loved me. She said it once before. I would plead with her, tell me you love me, tell me you love me, once more, once more.
Then I am left alone. So much sorrow, so much pain. I can hardly move, I am so emotionally drained. I cannot mov on with out her, oh how desperately I 've tried. Oh how I long to be in her presence. So much that I've cried.If oly she could love me, like she did before. I would plead with her come back to me, come back to me, once more, once more.

The author's comments:
This poem is about a girl named esperanza who keeps walking in and out of this man's life. Esperanza means hope in spanish, and the way she keeps wallking in and out of the man's life, is symbolic of how hope sometimes walks in and out of our lives as well.

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