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June 22, 2009
By BoomBaby GOLD, Indianapolice, Indiana
BoomBaby GOLD, Indianapolice, Indiana
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oh, what a troubled web we weave when we first practice to deceive

Memories haunting me
keeping me awake
this life is so tough
this pain I cant take

emotions all around me
not letting me rest
the one that is coming
its worst than the rest

it is more recent
and now it pulls me in
like a tornado
my thoughts are like whaling wind
you face me now
with a problem that I do not know

you say you must leaveme
I don't want you to go
I cry for you and plead you to stay

you looked at me and smiled
told me to put my tears away for another day
you said you would forever stay

but you still left me and for that I cry
I cry tears and tears of painful memories that run down my face in full full color
I should forget you but I cant seem to give you away
but I shall put the thought of you away for another day

The author's comments:
I would say that I worked hard and tried my best on this work. I don't care if it is good or if it is done the rite way. i didnt try, it just happend and it took time but that was it. time taken and mindfull words wirtten...

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