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They say...

June 22, 2009
By Shailja GOLD, Patna, Other
Shailja GOLD, Patna, Other
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Favorite Quote:
The fear of rejection is worse than rejection itself ~ Nora Profit

They say “Change is the only thing that’s constant”
They say “Expect the unexpected”
Quite true;
They say “Failure is the stepping-stone to success”
Again true;
They say “Life is a piece of cake, enjoy even the bitter parts of it”
Even that’s true;
I know it, I have heard it all,
Not once, not twice, but countless times.
I try to be strong, but the truth is-
I am not.
Try and understand, when it comes to such things
I am just another girl
With her own wishes, her own fears
Every time there is a drastic change
I twinge;
Every time the unexpected happens
I break down;
Every time I fail in something
I am shattered;
I believe in everything they have to say
But believe me, it just stays there in the mind
But whenever I am caught in the sad tide of time
I forget it all and just dwell in the sadness
Whenever I am expected to be strong
I feel weaker;
I sit and brood, I sit and cry,
Else I would just form a hard shell
And refuse to believe the truth
Or would let none reach out to the true me
It all just cannot be helped
I feel I am caught into the sea of depression
I wish there was something to help me
Something other than what they have to say
I don’t want to be preached
I’d rather be helped.
But all I can get is sermon, and more sermons
God pull me out of it all
And help me so that I would believe in what they say
Not just when I am happy
But when I am down in the dumps…
So that one day when the drastic change occurs
I know there will be still more changes.
When the unexpected happens,
It is anticipated.
When I fail in something,
I believe the next time I shall succeed.
When I taste the bitter,
I shall enjoy the bitterness…
God let that day come to me soon
So life does not seem a sad ruin…

The author's comments:
well...this is somethin i hav always felt...n if u hav any piece of gud advice for me...feel free to it bout my rytin or to help me come out of the mess i create for myself!

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