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The Blank Pages

June 21, 2009
By OurFrost GOLD, Galt, California
OurFrost GOLD, Galt, California
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The daunting blank page stares back at you,
Wishing words to adorn its lines.
A mind screams with the thought of doing so,
But can not think of what words are worthy of the moment.
-A moment of silence and void is shattered
By voices of many, smiling faces show the happiness behind the person,
Laughter reigns
And the time is frozen in the face of memory.
-Sadness and weeping fill the empty space,
A moment now comes when one who is close is lost.
What are the words to describe the abyss left by the loss?
In this, time seems to run away,
Left and lost in the hour-glass you sit, watching the sands fall slowly by.
Memory goes back to all those
Great times, when that one was with you.
-These two form, with many other memories and lives
Lived and lost; the time span of some of those moments captured
Are what adorn the blank pages of
Life, waiting to be filled.

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