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The Dance

June 21, 2009
By sweetdreamsmylove GOLD, Glendale, California
sweetdreamsmylove GOLD, Glendale, California
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Favorite Quote:
“All are architects of fate, living in these walls of time.” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

As she lied in the chair,
Waiting for the music to cue,
Isabella wondered if her heart would repair,
And if that day would ever undo.

As their eyes blinked and met,
In a twisted maze,
She searched for him without a single regret,
And engaged in his humble daze.

As they shared their first dance,
Across the ballroom floor,
Isabella’s soul fell into a trance,
And her heart began to soar.

He had to leave shortly after,
Even though they had just met,
James was pulled away by his father,
And Isabella was dearly upset.

As she let her energy collapse,
Weeping from sadness,
Isabella was left with a heart full of gaps,
And a soul that felt hopeless.

As she wrote her first letter,
To her beloved one,
Isabella spilled emotions over her paper,
And was eventually done.

They exchanged letters for two years.
Then one September morning,
Isabella was erupting with fears,
And took the incident as a warning.

She waited and waited,
Yet still did not receive an answer,
Her heart felt inflated,
When she found out he had cancer.

As she cried herself to sleep,
For three straight years,
Isabella’s emotions were falling steep
And she was drowning in tears.

Even though they were apart,
To keep him alive,
In Isabella’s heart,
She danced and danced and began to thrive.

Isabella did dégagés and chaînés,
Across the empty ballroom
She perfected her balancés,
And looked like a red tulip in full bloom.

Years passed and Isabella became older,
Though her spirit in dance remained.
She had no one to lean on their shoulder,
But his love in her was stained.

As he caught her heart that was once falling,
She rowed her boat across the blue field,
Isabella turned around and saw him protecting
Her once uncovered shield.

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