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A Glowing Enigma: The Marvelous Hybrid

April 11, 2023
By Lisa-Mary-Paul PLATINUM, Copenhagen, Other
Lisa-Mary-Paul PLATINUM, Copenhagen, Other
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This creature is a wonder to behold.

A living masterpiece. A story yet untold.

Its tendrils reach out like fingers searching for light

Its roots dig deep holding on with all their might


Its scales shimmer and sparkle like precious stones,

Its spines glinting like spears, as it moves and groans.

It's as if the very essence of life has come alive,

And created something so unique. It’s hard to describe.


Its fragrance is a mixture of earth and sea,

A scent that's both familiar and strange, just like thee.

Its touch is soft, yet firm, like a velvet glove

And as it wraps around you, you'll feel its love.


Its colors change with the passing of the day

From soft pastels to vibrant hues, in every way

And as the night falls it's as if it comes alive

A glowing, pulsing creature, that will forever survive.


It's a metaphor for life, this strange and unique thing.

For like it, we too are strange, with each heart a different ring.

We reach out for light. Hold on tight, and always search for more.

In this great big universe, that we all adore.


In the morning, it's a delicate flower

With petals that open to the sun's power

Its fragrance. Soft. Sweet. A subtle delight

And as it sways in the breeze, it's a stunning sight


As the sun climbs higher, it transforms yet again,

Its leaves become wings, and it takes to the wind.

A graceful bird, with feathers of gold,

That sings a song, both ancient and bold.


As the day wears on, it becomes something new,

A shimmering sea creature, with scales of blue.

It swims in the air like a fish in the sea

A magnificent sight for all to see


And when the night falls, it becomes something more,

A glowing, pulsing creature, that we all adore.

Its colors are vivid, its light so bright,

It's as if it's putting on a magical light.


This unique and strange creature, is a marvel indeed

A living work of art, that we all need

For in a world that's so often mundane,

It's a reminder that beauty, can come from the insane.


So let us celebrate this creature. This weird and strange thing.

And all the beauty, that it does bring.

For in this world, we need more things unique

To inspire us, and make our hearts beat.

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