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Parents and Teachers

January 7, 2023
By Ameena3010 SILVER, Karachi, Other
Ameena3010 SILVER, Karachi, Other
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I was just a seed,

In a fruit.

Having eaten,

I was let out.


I was so small,

That could be lost in this big world,

Or broken under someone feet,

But they didn't let it be done ,

They sow me in fertile land,

And they look after me very carefully.


My parents gave me water every day ,

My teachers gave me sunlight everyday,

They worked really hard to bring the light in my life ,

My parents and teachers let me grow,

Now I am a plant,

And can forsee,

Turning into a big tree,

Having lots of fruits and planty of seeds,

Owing to my teachers and parents,

Working together,

I can forsee,

turning into a big tree.

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