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I am an Addict

June 7, 2009
By strangelove GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
strangelove GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Your love was like nicotene
It calmed my mind, gave me steam
And when you decided to cut me off
I crashed onto the stony shores of withdrawl
Wandered around the dark allies o a deserted neighborhood
Looking for our lost love.

I stumble upon Bellory Street
Where we held each other in the dead night.
As the sun sets I look up at the sky
And was moved by the golden-red hugh of the clouds
burnig with a wondrous passion.
I watched in dismay
As they faded to gray
I collapsed onto the cold pavement
Weeping and
Writhing under the pains of withdrawl.

Are you suffering as much as I
(O, please God, let her get over me
And find a better man...
Shouldn't be hard)
I wonder what faces you will meet
If your next romance will taste as sweet.

The doctor tells me I will survive
But I don't know...
I need someone to hold me here
And keep me from falling
Into the black hole in the back of my head.

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