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The Sun and the Moon

June 7, 2009
By BoomBaby GOLD, Indianapolice, Indiana
BoomBaby GOLD, Indianapolice, Indiana
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oh, what a troubled web we weave when we first practice to deceive

Oh, the beauty of the Sun and the Moon when they are together
You wouldn't want one without the other
Forever they may agrue
But thou shant forget the beauty of diffrence
Ah, the never ending corral
of light and darkness
So alike, yet so diffrent
Balanceing eachother out like no other
Forever together
Never the same

But isn't that the beauty of it all?
Tiss the balance or light and darkness
The Sun and Moon
That makes every thing worth while?

The author's comments:
Please comment on my work, I need the criticizem [I already know I have spelling issues I'm working on that]and ,y other work too :D please:}♥Korie

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