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Flames Will Never Burn

June 6, 2009
By Mandilee GOLD, Sierra Madre, California
Mandilee GOLD, Sierra Madre, California
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I hear their whispers as I walk.
I’m trying to drown out their ridiculous talk.
It’s like this everyday.
I have a few things I’d like to say…

You don’t even know me.
So, why are you gossiping?
You may never understand the way I act.
Well, being me will always be my pact.
You don’t know why.
So, must you make me cry?

Their fingers are pointed, there eyes are glared.
I hate how I’m always whispered about, how they always make me scared.
They’ve got me watching my every move,
Turning around self-consciously.

I want to tell them,
I’m not a celebrity.
You’re not the paparazzi
I’m really not that interesting.
You must be delusional and seeing things.
Just let your prejudice go.
Is there a reason you make me feel so low?

You single me out from the crowd, make up all my fears.
You whisper into each others ears.
Thinking that I cannot hear.
But I understand every word you sneer.

Why do you hurt your peers?
How come you enjoy their tears?
Do you need a mirror to see what you’ve become?
The countless people you’ve stung?
It may be fun for you,
But your victims have never relished what you do.

I was one.
But I had a lot of pride.
I refused to go run and hide.
Because I remembered that I’m somebody.
I’m who I want to be.
I’m not who you think.
So with a wink,
Of my brown eyes,
And a flip of my brunette hair
I dismiss all those stupid lies.

I’m what I am inside.
The only people who make me want to look good,
Are the ones in which I confide.

So, now I know.
So, you can go,
Along with your lies.
But in years to come,
They will come back to haunt you and your pretty little lives,
Will fall apart
Like when I was younger and you made mine start.

You tore me up and made me crack.
But now I’m stronger and I’m back.
I will never crumble again.
I’ll never surrender to your rain.
Your storm can boom and fume,
But I will never let myself believe I’m at my doom.

Maybe you’ll never learn.
But that’s okay.
‘Cause your flames will never burn.
They can strike at my feet.
But they’ll never stop my joyful dancing beat.

The author's comments:
Don't let others bring you down, and don't bring others down yourself. It's just that simple.

But, unfortunatly, some people need to bring complication and tears into the world.
Try not to hate them for what they do, pity them for who they are.
Pity others who are mean, you're the strong one who doesn't have to make others feel bad to feel good about yourself.

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