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It's Okay

June 6, 2009
By Kaitlyn Gartner PLATINUM, New Hope, Minnesota
Kaitlyn Gartner PLATINUM, New Hope, Minnesota
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Its okay
Its alright
I love you girl
In all my life
You’re the one
I look for
When I cannot
Take it anymore
And it’s okay
It’s alright
Shut your eyes
It is the night

Oh my love
Just hold me close
It’s time for me
To say goodbye
And this I fear
Will be my last
Night with you
My life has come to pass
It’s not okay
It’s not alright
Just love me
One more time

Hush my dear
Don’t speak so bold
Tonight is just
A mystery to behold
And in the morning
When you open your eyes
I’ll be here
Right by your side
And don’t you say
That you will die
You’ll live forever
Below the sky
I won’t let you go
It will be alright
Grant me this wish
This wish tonight

Oh if I could
How I would
I’d live forever
In your eyes
But not tonight
Not tonight
Oh my dear
Just hold me tight
But when it is
My eyes are closed
Just let me go
And always know
That I love you
And you love me
That is how
It was meant to be
But if it is
That you find anew
A love just right
Who was meant for you
Then leave me be
To the sky
Above you
I will fly
And it’s alright
It’s okay
When I die
Keep loving
All your life

It can never be
If it is truth you speak
And if you pass
Then my love for you
Will always last
But never again
Would I love another
Never again
Could we hold each other
And it’s okay
It’s alright
Don’t be sad
Just shut your eyes
And in the morn
When you awake
Give me your hand
My love you’ll take
And I want you to know
Just in case
That you were mine
Always in my life
And I will go
Wherever you will be
So shut your eyes
Just one more time
And I’ll hold you
I will hold you until then

So you see
It cannot be
My life is over
Oh I am free
But you must
In my heart trust
To let me be
My spirit will not leave
And on you go
To another day
Live like I
Was never away
Find a love
Your heart will mend
Let your eyes
Seek again
Remember me
But don’t you fret
Never forget
The time we spent

It’s alright
It’s okay
I love you darling
Until the day
We must say goodbye
Reach beyond the sky
Let me know
It’s safe to go
So shut your eyes
And keep in mind
I will always be
By your side
And it’s okay
It’s alright
I love you
I love you for all time

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