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Cracking... A Smile?

June 6, 2009
By dr-shadowbell GOLD, Porter Ranch, California
dr-shadowbell GOLD, Porter Ranch, California
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Took a walk in the city part
Taking careful steps
through the crosswalk
Following white guidelines
scraps of concrete traded
for neat ribbons of asphalt
to my destination
My destination's parking

The spectator
an unofficial inspector
Greeting cracks
addressing to them by
shape and name
Finding new ones
Introducing myself
to them
While ignoring the
smog and
pinching my nose
tapping my cheek
begging for attention

The new arrivals
on old spaces
ignore me
in turn
Just another pedestrian
out on a destructive, brutal
I back away

in respect
Taking careful steps
over them
Following white guidelines
to smooth concrete
leaving frayed ribbons of
Feet on destination
I turn my head
just a peek--

No people
All eyes

Come back soon
to take roll

I smile
I promise
to my
lonely destination's
parking lot

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