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101 Ways to Dance

June 7, 2009
By bubblylittledancer PLATINUM, Waterloo, Iowa
bubblylittledancer PLATINUM, Waterloo, Iowa
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1)Falling over your own feet like the klutz you are.
2) Because you really have to pee.
3)On top of grandpa's feet while you're still learning how.
4)On the edge of a bridge.
5)In a canoe-just to feel it rock.
6)In the rain.
7)In the miccle of the night.
8)When you're so happy you could just burst.
9)Just jumping up and down like a little kid.
10)On the beach at sunset. . .
11)In your room when you're bored.
12)When the music's just right.
13)At 2AM when it's hard to sleep.
14)While thinking about someone. . .
15)At the school dance, crushed by so many people.
16)To the music of a commercial.
17)For no reason at all.
18)While jumping off a swing.
20)With sweaty palms.
21)With a stranger.
22)Victory dance.
23)While belting out your own lyrics.
24)In a dream.
25)To teach somebody else
26)With somebody else.
27)Center stage. . .
28)With your dog.
29)The hokey-pokey with a kindergartener.
30)Swing-dancing 'til your arms hurt.
31)Around a bonfire.
32)With a fake rose in your teeth.
33)Twirling and twirling.
34)To make someone laugh.
35)With your little sister.
36)Like an airplane (Leslie!)
37)With no music.
38)With nobody watching.
39)In the dark.
40)Off the diving board.
41)Backwards :].
42)While giving a Piggy-back-ride.
43)All alone.
44)Until you're too dizzy to think.
45)With your eyes closed.
46)In a prayer.
47)Even after the music stops.
48)With tears rolling down your cheeks.
49)To celebrate.
50)To let off steam.
51)While on the phone.
52)Under the stars.
53)With something on your mind.
54)When you look really ugly.
56)With noone else.
57)To show-off.
58)Letting someone lead you.
59)With all eyes on you.
60)Today. . .
61)Instead of walking
62)On your toes.
63)To be funny.
64)On your toes.
65)While watching someone else.
66)On a trampoline.
67)Through a crowd of people.
68)Outside while waving a sparkler.
69)Because you have something off your chest.
70)While baking cookies.
71)To somebody's ringtone.
72)Because you have a song stuck in your head.
73)Leaping through the air.
74)To be really hyper.
75)Holding your breath
76)When nothing's going right.
77)Through the water and over the waves.
78)To just forget.
79)In Wal-Mart.
81)Like an idiot.
82)Until your legs go numb.
83)To the sound of thunder brewing.
84)In the middle of the road.
85)In an empty church where it's quiet.
86)Because you love this song.
87)Early in the morning.
88)Like there's no time to waste.
89)With a skirt swirling around your legs.
90)To a song that tells you the steps.
91)While doing homework.
92)For no reason.
94)Throwing your head back in giggling hysterics.
95)Fidgeting during a test.
96)In the sky. . .
97)Klutzy and ugly, but feeling perfect.
98)With someone really special.
99)Hopping up and down because you stubbed your toe (again!).
100)Like you know what you're doing for once.
101)Because you can. . .

The author's comments:
yes, i have danced ALL 101 Ways! :]

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on Jun. 21 2009 at 3:28 pm
blackamethyst GOLD, Centerville, Ohio
11 articles 0 photos 132 comments
I love this poem!! It absolutely made my day. I love how you have different emotions tied in: love, passion, happiness, freedom... I just love this poem! :)

melodylake18 said...
on Jun. 20 2009 at 3:04 am
I love this poem. Dancing happens spontaniously and some of the ways you've written are my favorite. Great job.