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Left to the Dirt

June 5, 2009
By Zach Whiteley GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
Zach Whiteley GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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I am left to the dirt
Rotting under the black sun
I await the Reckoner
The cubicles
Drop down
And caress me away

I am left to the dirt
The world has moved on
Past and past
Through and through
Leaving me to burn

A wolf at the door awaits
My return from my future
So I may swell in my past
The days that meant something
Only to become unto nothing
Hiding out under my dreams
A basin thereof

Shallow and deep
Ageless and forever
Remorse and Regret
Is what I am
A pain
Black as the shallows
Unto my soul
Yellow and blue
Mindless In hue
Left to the dirt

The sun rises in one place
And I wait for it
The dreams of my child-hood
Vanish with the moon
As the sun breaks over the valley’s
My heart cracks

You stand so far above me
My throne of dirt
Looking down upon me
Swaying gently with the wind
I must be great
Greater than I am
A comedic prestige
A joke

Left to the dirt
My body rots
In the heat of the light
In the call
Of the ocean
In the albedo of the purest snow
I am
Left Behind

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