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May 26, 2009
By Doug-e-fre$h GOLD, Mission Hills, California
Doug-e-fre$h GOLD, Mission Hills, California
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Staring through the glass,
I see nothing.
For me that is.
Look at them,
all those frolicking outside.
Look at how happy they are.
Their smiles are poison to me.
Why can’t I smile?
These days have never seemed
more long.
But when I stare at them,
I can only imagine the adrenaline
pumping through them.
And all the fun
that passes throughout their day
and ends with nightfall
as though it happened in the
blink of
an eye.
This window is my best friend.
It shows me what lies outside these walls
which confine me to
this prison.
Dear humble window,
you and I are much the same.
Neither can I leave nor you
from this hell hole we both reside in.
We enjoy many of the same things…
You listen so well.
You are my
third eye which can watch
an alternate world,
an alien world
that reveals an emotion
I have not felt since these walls
have been raised.
Can you feel this emotion, humble window?
Do you know why these children smile
and why we do not?
Oh window, tall and cold, yet understanding,
you share my pain!
We watch the same joyous
We are both trapped in this home.
You are my savior!
Who else but you can bring me
these visions of life
and that which im not accustomed to?
I can see the sun!
But window, you do keep your
secrets hidden well.
You may wish to lie to me
but I can never lie to you.
We watch the same scene.
But when I am not here,
you still watch
you stare at the world.
No pain comes to you,
not as great as mine.
You are a watcher
and do not take actions
which could hurt you.
There is almost peace in
your being.
Overshadowed only by your
cursed purpose.
To watch and never move,
to view but never really see,
placed as a border to the world
Where the tortured souls reside.
And the world Outside where
the beautiful people
smile and feel no pain.
This window is my best friend.
Who else can show me…
It’s like a dream,
but it’s real,
and im in it.
And the window,
still very much intact
and in the wall,
can help me
these two worlds.

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