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May 17, 2009
By Helen Zhou GOLD, Audubon, Pennsylvania
Helen Zhou GOLD, Audubon, Pennsylvania
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In a dream we can lose our worries
for those precious hours of night
We won't think about the wasted time
spent on our imaginary sights

In the moonlight, bright and white
we travel through our heads
and reach a world beyond our world
through nothing more than bed

But sun will rise and moon will fall
the hours through the day are here
and dreams should only waste time
and the fires of the sun shall sear

through the frail skin of my dreams
through the blind sight of my eyes
replacing the world with my desires
I reached for the contented sighs

of landing among the stars
but instead I hit the sun
and got burned, got burned because
I dream and with it I run

away with my dream in the day
away, away, away...

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