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Growing Up

May 16, 2009
By LittlestBird GOLD, North Bay, Other
LittlestBird GOLD, North Bay, Other
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Here's to the very first days of our journey
The uncertain firsts and the nights when we wept;
The tastes unfamiliar, the daytimes enduring,
Oblivious silence where secrets were kept.

And the sights that we saw seemed as big as the mountains
The stories they told us were tired and true
Though they left out the parts about demons and dungeons
Who roamed through the valleys, unconscious and few.

Here's to the mornings we woke up elated
Our pathways expanding, horizons on fire
So easy to break to a sprint from a saunter
An instant away from our every desire.

So we ran toward a powerful light in the distance,
The strength of the wind left us fearless from hurt
And our beautiful visions distracted us;
Made us see sunlight from down where we lived in the dirt.

Here's to the days where it rained and reality
Hit us with horrors that couldn't align
With the infinite sort of a life we'd envisioned;
The towering mountains we'd set out to climb.

Yet still we cointinued, we took it in stride,
Because deep in our hearts we believed
That the dips in the valley were low as the mountains were high
We refused to be rendered decieved.

Here's to the times when we strayed from the pack
Just a little and founde ourselves lost in the dark
So we veered ourselves closer to all our companions
Away from the trail where we first left our mark.

And we stumbled together, the nights became darker
And when we awoke it was clear
That a fork in the road would mean change in direction
A shaky new pathway now beckoned us near.

Here's to the years where the gale blew us over
The winds we once ran with now tore us apart
And the longer we travelled, the more we lost track
Of the sole destination we'd had from the start

Then we found ourselves standing atop of a mountain
The tallest we'd ever ambitioned to climb
But the summit was nothing like we had expected--
A cave, holding all of our secrets inside.

And so here's to the day where we stopped
And we sat and we talked
While a hurricane ripped through the sky
And we knew that the windstorm would follow us, find us again
So we laughed then we started to cry.

By the hour when we finished, we knew it was time
To leave fables behind and instead understand
That the truths of a lifetime
as far as we'd travelled
Would now travel on in the palms of our hands

And so here's to the rest of the journey before us,
The molehills that tower from down where we stand
See, a strange silhouette in the distance we'd like to call
Is a promise in this foreign land.

And the sights that we see seem as big as the mountains
The stories they tell us are tired and true
So believe in their fables, come walk here beside me,
The storm will rage on; we'll see this journey through.

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