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The Ultimate Hero

April 30, 2009
By Nicole Williams BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Nicole Williams BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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incredible, attentive, faithful
as precious as a sprakling diamond
knower of all my faults and deepest secrets
gentle, extraordinary
a shining light guiding me through life
warm, devoted, affectionate as sweet as a sponnful of sugar
fulfills my dreams, nurtures my soul
a valuable gift worth more than anything in the universe
a graceful swan floating on a river in the moonlight
like a guardian angel, always wayching over my shoulder
takes care of me when im ill; funny, helpful, intelligent
the only one who can cheer me up when im lonely
kind, responsible, trustworthy; mends me when im broken
timeless love, sprakling personality
a heart of gold, a gift from heaven and giver of life
the fabric that holds our family together
beautiful, caring, lovable; my best friend; a shining star

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