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Daddy-kins, Mother Dear

April 5, 2009
By Nalakitty PLATINUM, Livermore, California
Nalakitty PLATINUM, Livermore, California
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He cooks. He cleans. He studies. He works.
She scrubs. She vacuums. She talks. She helps.
He instructs. He disciplines. He comforts. He cares.
She balances. She finances. She straightens out. She loves.
His head spins. His temples throb. His arches fall. His mind fogs.
Her back aches. Her stomach stabs. Her hands cramp. Her gut wrenches.
His allergies plague.
Her scar tissue pulls.

The pain is there, it’s almost never gone.
And yet, even through it, they do EVERYTHING.

They took the time to BE with us. They took the frustration to DISCIPLINE us. They spent the energy to TEACH us. And they ALWAYS showed they LOVED us.

I know I’ve missed a lot, and there’re things I cannot see, but even knowing just this much, my parents are what I strive to be.

The author's comments:
Through all the pain and all the struggles and work and finances and stress, my parents have always made time for my brother and I. They set us straight when we take a wrong turn, they encourage us when we do something right. And most importantly, they tell and show us how much they love us. He may not see it, may be caught up in the fact that his life is "restricted" because of their rules, but I see. It might have taken some time . . . but I see.

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