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Fairy Tale Boyfriend

May 13, 2009
By iKissMyPen SILVER, Portsmouth, Virginia
iKissMyPen SILVER, Portsmouth, Virginia
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How come every time I close my eyes I see you in my head??
I keep having dreams at night of you laying in my bed.
I can’t seem to understand what’s happening
I feel like my brain some needs zapping
I find myself constantly thinking of you
And the things me and you could do
But see baby your making of fool of me
Because only I can see
Your not even real
So I’m like what’s the deal??
How come I feel
You so close to me
I keep asking myself how could this be

I dreamed up a man
You don’t understand
I can actually feel him holding my hand
He’s kissing my lips
His hands on my hip
I can’t believe he’s just a figment, it’s gotta be that I’m on trip

I get happy when I see him around
He makes me smile when I’m feeling down
His sexiness has trapped me
When he holds me I feel free
But at the end of day I feel crazy
How come your only real to me baby?

The girls get jealous when I talk
Everyone’s noticing my new walk
They ask what’s the good that’s happened?
I can’t tell em though because they’ll just say I’m crappin

Why are you doing this to me?
Having me fall in love with a man only I can see
You got me so sprung
It’s my heart that I hung

Don’t leave though I don’t know what I’d do
Do without your love and the sight of you
Just let me get a touch, a kiss
Then I can float and bask in bliss.

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