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Dancing Feet

May 12, 2009
By Mac Hat GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
Mac Hat GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
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Recital Time
Cold sweat trickling
Laughs being stifled
Lights being corrected,
Children screaming
Encouraging us on.
Dress Rehearsal,
Things go wrong
Practice runs,
Shoes coming undone,
Mistakes are made,
But in the perfect way.
Friends shouting your name,
Letting you know,
That they are there
To stay.
Time flys by,
And all too soon
It’s two hours past noon.
Performance Time.
Children running around,
Heavy traffic on the way downtown,
People going crazy,
People freaking out,
Dancers getting ready,
Ms Lisa is about to shout.
The pitter patter of feet move about the stage,
As the curtain comes up,
It’s the ending of a last page,
The last chapter,
In a new book,
The end of a year
The lights burst on
The music blares out,
And one
The dancers make their
Way out.
To the beat.
Pointing those toes
And flexing those feet.
All the girls are smiling,
And they clearly know,
This is their time,
This is their show.

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