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May 12, 2009
By kathryn_dec26 PLATINUM, Hampton, Virginia
kathryn_dec26 PLATINUM, Hampton, Virginia
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When the world stops spinning,
And the sun winks out,
Like a candle in the wind,
Then what shall we do,
In this poor land;
Shall we wink out too?

You may, but not I,
I shall never be silenced;
Not my voice,
Nor my pen,
Shall give up the fight,
Or accept defeat.

My time may be up,
But my heart will surely love,
And my mouth will surely speak,
What is in me to say,
To the world,
And to you.

And so I write,
In hopes that you too,
May find some inspiration,
From my simple request,
That you gather your wits,
And let your voice ring out!

Write of castles and kings,
Sing of the beauty of love.
Tell of the temptations of power,
And speak for those silenced,
By time and by force,
For though you may not know it now,
Yours is the most important voice,
Of all.

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