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May 12, 2009
By Julia Farbman BRONZE, Rancho Palos Verdes, California
Julia Farbman BRONZE, Rancho Palos Verdes, California
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Mirror mirror,
Well just look at what you’ve done.
Magic mirror,
This is just, well, wrong.

Simplicity is easy
Why aren’t you happy?
For a portrait image,
You’re rolling on mood swings

You see these skinny jeans?
It’s fictional, nothing to it really
But you can’t seem to breathe
You’re suffocating
The lies are overbearing
So you’re feeling kind of wary
Aren’t you?

Mirror mirror, magic mirror
Successful in holding reality in captivity
Just look at what you’ve done.

Are you staring at celebrities?
Expecting something noble
When you put up with me

Average mirror,
You’re a shiny piece of glass.
Sorry for the scolding
But I find it overwhelming
How you really are… Me.

The author's comments:
We all judge ourselves to look like someone, to be better than what bodies we were given. We torment ourselves to gain an image to present to other people, but the main person we should try to impress, is ourselves.

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