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May 9, 2009
By Madcheesey GOLD, Trophy Club, Texas
Madcheesey GOLD, Trophy Club, Texas
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You there, sir, would you like to see?
Someone's gonna fight, and no, not me.
But him and him.
Both of them.
Ready to battle it off.
It was a girl they sought,
and so the two fought.
They decided words were not enough,
so they wanted to see who was tough.
They stand there now,
surrounded by a crowd.
They hold their fists high,
and I must no lie,
I was a bit worried.
By all of the others they were hurried.
They do not waste time,
And it seemed a crime
how fast the fight was over.
One walked away empty- handed,
the other not leacing at all.
Not one of the kids, outside or in,
left standing tall or with a grin.
All scatters when a siren they hear,
so let me ask you, sir, dear,
Would you like to see
what the fight has come to be?

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