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Who Am I?

May 8, 2009
By Anna Valdez SILVER, Terrell, Texas
Anna Valdez SILVER, Terrell, Texas
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Am I the dark enchantress
That waits at the door?
Or the angel of light
Who will live forever more?
Am I true to others?
Am I true to myself?
Am I true to my God?
Or is He on a shelf?
Am I a friend or enemy?
A dove or a raven?
When secrets are told to me
Am I a trap or haven?
Am I one who can love?
Can someone love me back?
Can I accept fear and failure?
Do I cower or attack?
Do I speak of bravery
To comrades fallen in war?
Do I give comfort, then smile and say,
“Well, that’s what friends are for”?
Do I see space as empty?
Or full of hidden gems?
In the night, are the moon and stars
My enemies or friends?
Am I misunderstood?
Or do I need to grow?
Should I worry for my future?
Or the past, so long ago?
Do I need bread and water
To get me through the day?
Or is my Sole Sustainer
Just a prayer away?
Do I speak of one thing
Then turn and do another?
Am I faithful to my friends
Calling each one my brother?
These are the questions that haunt me,
But I cannot deny
These are the ones that shape me
And tell me - Who Am I?

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