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How Much Time Does God Need to Answer My Prayers

May 7, 2009
By AshleyAngel7 PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
AshleyAngel7 PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Staying up late at night, paranoid and shaking with the chills of anxeity.

Its funny how I'm actually still alive, yet I breathe a broken air.

I pray over and over yet in the back in my mind I wonder do I really believe in God.

I'm not saying I'm not a Christian its just I doubt like everyone else.

My prayers haven't been answered but I guess God needs time, because you know he has a plan.

I think I screwed up my plan and I almost shouldn't be forgiven.

All theses millionaires happy or not they probably prayed for that.

Yet I pray to be relieved of Satan's disease(deppression)and I sit here poor in self love so I just wonder.......

How much time does God need to answer my prayers??

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