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The Cave

May 7, 2009
By AshleyAngel7 PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
AshleyAngel7 PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I chased the wicked wind, followed the deadly breeze.
Now I'm in a cave where I can hardly breethe.
I hear people outside the cave "help this poor girl out" but......
They know and I know that I'm the only one that can set me free.
No one can drag me out by a limb but I have to break through these walls made of past and pain.
So I sit here motionless, frustrated, crying and each acid tear, yell unheard, and word unspoken brings the walls inward crushing whats left of my forgotton happiness, bringing me closer to me worst nightmare.......
I am the cave and my night terror is I, myself will destroythe brittle crumbs of my heart and no medication or amnesia can cure my empty chest absent of a single beat or my blank eyes longing for a *twinkle.
So I cry out with a silent yet, muffled scream "I can't stand this cave", with a plastic face and fake smile.

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