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Fading Away

June 27, 2019
By Nid.Lilly SILVER, Olympia, Washington
Nid.Lilly SILVER, Olympia, Washington
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"You are who you are, not who others say or think you are."

Once bright and cheery,

Majestic and proud,

Swaying in the current,

In branch or cloud.

Seen in every hue, 

Blinding and bright.

An overwhelming picture,

A glorious sight.

But now, a crisis,

Terrible and grim,

Waters warm and stressful,

The view now dim.

Bleached and poor, 

Bone white and starving, 

Dying in the silence, 

Frozen like a carving.

A magnificent being, 

Spectacular and fine,

Now reduced to just a shadow,

How could we miss the sign?

Our mistake, our fault,

Poor choices on our part,

Climate change was our doing,

And there’s no restart.

They’re fading away…

The author's comments:

 Coral is a gorgeous structure in the ocean, and I hope that the coral recovers and returns, stronger and more beautiful than before. I knew I just had to add my voice to the many crying about this loss. So I sat down, and wrote, letting the words flow out.  Climate change is a horrible thing we've brought upon ourselves, and everyone that denies climate change, especially those who have influence, is just making it worse, not allowing people to know the truth and change our world for the better. Instead, they're helping people make it worse. I hope to help change that in the future.

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