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May 20, 2019
By salsablog PLATINUM, Newport Beach, California
salsablog PLATINUM, Newport Beach, California
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I thought that if I were to eat my wings -
Then the skies would open for me first,
But afterwards I felt just like a drowning man -
Who was saved yet doomed to die of thirst.

And then I went and broke my bones -
So I wouldn’t leave you behind,
But after I had finished -
You weren’t there for me to find.

So I forced me back together -
And heard Him whisper out my name,
I laughed and said He’d never catch me -
Then when I left He did the same.

I saw no use in simply crying -
So I wept myself a sea,
And when I walked across its surface -
My reflection scoffed at me.

So I yanked apart the waters -
And stomped down all the waves,
I cursed those stuffy seraphim -
And dug them each their graves.

I reached deep into my soul -
To find that thorn stuck in my side,
I wrote a letter to my mother -
To admit that I had lied.

And when I went to thank my father -
I broke the tombstone by his head,
Cause when I outran all the world -
He always stayed two steps ahead.

Then I looked up to the sky -
And no longer missed my wings,
Cause when I lived up in the air -
I learned to love the baser things.

So I shook hands with the devil -
And I winked at death’s cold stare,
I bought fate some brand-new scissors -
And told the future I’d meet him there.

I learned to fly.

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