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May 3, 2009
By mavaabrat3 PLATINUM, Palm Harbor, Florida
mavaabrat3 PLATINUM, Palm Harbor, Florida
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Her personality shows me what’s truly genuine,
As my rhymes helps write my definition in a poetic fashion of mine,
Shrines with time for lines seem like off of this they could shine,
And if this discovery was used for vines everyone would enjoy fine wine,
It goes far past the masses that she helps like a preachers masses,
Ever more than the new insights she gives my eyes unlike what can happen from glasses,
It’s a revival of phenomenal that comes out a spectacle,
Like seeing the phoenix get released from its ashes never leaves me skeptical,
Now I can add how much I can enjoy her being genuine,
As she makes more lines come from the mind of mine,
And shows others the impact that she packs on a poet,
It gives me a great feeling to know that and then show it,
Contrary to the corollary before finding someone so genuine,
Someone so kind and enjoyable every second of time,
No other adjective can be used in the objective of description,
Because she is so genuine that the definition is given through emotion,
So once my emotion receive it then around it emotions weaved,
And the finished product was thoughts about how she has me being inspired to be me,
Just letting go and allowing me to be able and see,
To how much a degree life could be always a jubilee,
To much I enjoy her especially,
And enjoy the presence of someone so genuine,

The author's comments:
I meet someone so genuine, and she brought out something so genuine in me...a spoken word style.

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