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unswerved love

May 12, 2019
By rylin GOLD, Mangalore, Other
rylin GOLD, Mangalore, Other
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the day i met you i was picturesqued by your elane demeanour

the soothing wind, magical time trice.

since i saw you 

time elapsed niftly

i sabbathed you as my king

when you bailiffed my heart

i thought you wouldn't impinge

which you did so alas

i was hazed

and ceded when i learnt,

you were willo-the wisp 

but i satiated my true love

when you sauteed my heart deeply

i stumbled every now and then 

when you heisted my heart

i wanted to trechant my love

when you bade goodbye

which was eke for me

severance of this love made me ruthless

wheni learnt to fend

thank kyou my love for making me strong

by which i live happilly

turning back to our memories from the past

which you left amidst

made a nifty scar deep down my heart

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