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Crystal Rose

May 11, 2019
By WordArchitect GOLD, Idaho Falls, Idaho
WordArchitect GOLD, Idaho Falls, Idaho
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Each fragile petal glows a dusky pink

Forever frozen in their perfect bloom

A crystal rose which overlooks the sea

And lives among the sunsets touched with gold

But one day when the storms come blowing in

That crystal rose will shatter in the wind

And fall into the crashing waves below

To be etern’lly lost throughout the deep

But in its place there grows a single bud

A new beginning, one that’s real and strong

It has its thorns but fiercely thrives with love

Its sweet aroma curls from its lush heart

And cultivates a pure and simple air

This brave, exquisitely alive small sprout

Which bleeds to show that it is real, not fake

Not crystal, but instead a vision true

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