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May 11, 2019
By WordArchitect GOLD, Idaho Falls, Idaho
WordArchitect GOLD, Idaho Falls, Idaho
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I trudged along my lonely path

With empty eyes and shadowed heart

Invisible to those around

Just there to sit and play my part

I cried out from my wretched soul

Just hoping, wishing to be seen

But still was left broken, alone

Without a single friend or dream

I struggled with the growing dark

That stained me with such tort’rous thoughts

And lied to cover ugly scars

I’d gained from all the pain I fought

But one day on my dusty road

I happened to glance at the ground

And saw a second set of prints

Right next to mine, stance strong and sound

I looked back up and there He stood

The One who looked me in the eye

He smiled with warmth and picked me up

Taught me to spread my wings and fly

He said that even though I’m blind

To Him while He walks beside me

If I had faith and trust in Him

I’d fin’lly heal and be set free

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