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May 1, 2009
By Anna-Marie Meyer SILVER, Abingdon, Illinois
Anna-Marie Meyer SILVER, Abingdon, Illinois
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I sit there, staring at the wall
Never hearing the teacher's call
The others sat there, having a ball
Never noticing the pain on my face, oh so small
I'm usually alert, day by day
But not today
Today is the first anniversary of Momma's death
They said, "You'll get over it, Beth"
"No," I sadly thought
If only my innocence could have been bought
There we were, on that bright summer day
On our way to New Hampshire, after a delay
Planning to have a girl's-night-out
A movie, dinner, and mall hop ; a lot
A truck behind us, bridge ahead
Driver drunk, making his bed
The guy sped up, making us swerve towards the beam
Off we went flying, into the stream
I swam up, trying to find my mother
Not seeing her, I dove in a blunder
Only to find Momma still as can be
Her mouth frozen in the form of 'help'
Ever since then, I blamed myself
Never forgetting the loved one I left
So I sit here, staring at the wall
Not so big and tall
Never hearing the teacher's call

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