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cake batter

April 30, 2009
By breebee GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
breebee GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
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Life's like a cake batter today it just happens to be chocolate
First you need the flour without it
The cake wouldn't rise
So in life I guess that's the drama
You wouldn't know what to do without it

Next you need the chocolate
That’s the flavor in life and in the cake

Then you need the sugar
Which makes the cake sweet
And in life there's something sweet that happens everyday
We just over look it

The salt is next
That’s the negative things on life
The jealousy
And the hate

Next you need water
That’s your friends and what they do

Then you need the eggs
It’s the words and how they stick like glue
And eggs make the batter stick

Then there's milk which
Is survival for our life

And the last need ingredient is
It’s the splash of flavor on to life

You mix that all up and that's the feeling of life
Put it in the oven and bake it for a while that represents years of life

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