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April 30, 2009
By breebee GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
breebee GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
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You watch for the signs,
You get the courge to tell the guy the signs you’ve been noticing,
You tell him you love him,
He says he loves you too….

You continue to date,
As days go by he tells you more and more….

About his life,
His family,
And his previous relationships that he has experienced….

You grow frightened as he shows you the marks from his family and previous realationships….

That’s why you can’t meet his parents,
He doesn’t want to lose you,
Or get you hurt…..

You beg him,
He takes you meet his parents,
They seem nice till they smack him for dating a white girl….

He runs away with you,
You run far away with him not slowing down,
You finally stop running to catch your breath,
He grabs you and holds you close…..

You check his face,
Where he was slapped for dating you,
You can’t believe because of dating you he was beat again….

You kiss the bruise he screams a sigh of pain,
You burry your face in his chest,
You cry and cry,
You appologize over and over…..

He doesn’t blame you,
He says he would do anything for youj,
No matter if it would hurt him or not,
You thank him over and over……

He says he loves you,
You tell him you love him,
You walk whispering like trees in the wind,
Barely making a sound…..

He grabs you and cries and cries,
You hold him comforting him while he cries and cries…..

You talk about why his family doesn’t allow dating whites,
It’s because his mom fell in love with a white man and he beat her,
And she’s afraid all the whites are the same…..

Loves so powerful,
Not just a feeling,
Not just a word,
It’s powerful and strong,
It’s got meaning,
It makes you dream….

It makes you wish,
Love is a strong word,
Love makes you dream over and over about him……

He takes your hand,
You run away with him,
Far away…..

He tells you he loves you more then his own life,
And if he can’t be with you there’s no reason for him to live…..

Forever and always,
He will love you till death do us part

The author's comments:
don't know why i thought of it

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breebee GOLD said...
on Apr. 5 2011 at 8:48 am
breebee GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
13 articles 0 photos 3 comments
about to have published.. this will be my 4th poem published