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Love Is Invincible

April 30, 2009
By inkwaves SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
inkwaves SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
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It is the way you make me smile.
The way I make you laugh.
It is the way you eat your Oreos
And the way I eat mine.
It is the way we are stubborn.
It is the way we compromise.

It’s the way you love my imperfections
And I love yours.
It’s not that we don’t fight.
It’s that we make it work
Against all odds.

It’s the way,
We’ll ride the big roller coaster
Holding hands and screaming,
But neither of us,
Would have gone on it alone.

It’s the way we accept each other.
I’m not afraid of embarrassing myself.
You’re not afraid of making something awkward.
Because we don’t have to be.
We are with each other.

It’s funny,
How love is scary,
But it makes us
Unafraid of anything,
Fearless, invincible.

And if it’s just me and you
Against the world,
Then I’m not afraid.

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