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April 27, 2009
By chachii_xo BRONZE, Lake Forest, Illinois
chachii_xo BRONZE, Lake Forest, Illinois
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a smart girl listens but never believes, kisses but never loves, and leaves before she is left. -marilyn monroe <3

i smile in the pictures
get good grades
laugh at all the jokes
help those in need
but no one seems to see me
see the help i need
the hurt i feel and the hopelessness that rests deep in my soul
i wont let them in, but i just wish someone cared enough to break down my brick wall

The author's comments:
im random. i like to do this when im bored and cant sleep. its sorta a stress reliever too. im not emo, not a jock, and i dont really think im preppy, so please, save ur labels for soup. i am who i want to be and thats all there is to it.

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