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April 17, 2019
By drewnh8 BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
drewnh8 BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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lives very

far away from

the town that I

call my home. She is

someone that can make me smile

when the clouds sail across the blue

veil of the world. When the shadows cast

their gloom over the fields, she is the light

that calls me to a city far away from here.



eyes are

bright and shine

through the pixels on

my phone screen. When I

cannot see them, I miss their

luster. I see those eyes pierce through

my dreams and break the shell that this

town has built around my shallow soul, convincing me

that there could be something better than this lonely place.



the morning

glow of the

sun that rises above

fields of wheat reminds me

of the same sun that rises

over the towering buildings in the city

that she has made her home. The city

that holds her friends, her school, her livelihood, and

everything she seems to enjoy, besides the person she loves.



when I

walk through my

town and see the

single streetlight that occupies my

yard, I think of the sky

of streetlights that she sees every night,

wondering if maybe, when she looks to her

streetlights, she sees the soft, golden glow of the

stars sailing over these infinite fields, thinking of me too.

The author's comments:

I wrote this for our class poetry project to demonstrate the lonely feelings that living in a small town can give you. There is always a glow of hope, no matter how small and drab your home may seem.

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