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April 24, 2009
By Chrissy_L GOLD, Ramsey, New Jersey
Chrissy_L GOLD, Ramsey, New Jersey
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An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

Too late is it to save the Dawn
Too early, save the Night
But Now is doomed
Evil consumed
None safe from Evil’s plight

Erect a shield
Surrounds your field
For you, it’s safe to breathe
Countless stand outside its walls
Trapped, doomed, left to die
Fates we can’t perceive

Shield cannot protect
Outside its boundaries
Sword strikes hard and clean
Fire of life shines no more
Extinguished is its gleam

Sharpened is the sword of Hell
War, its siren call
Countless souls has it felled
And how the mighty fall

Stolen life, body sprawled
Motionless, unknowing
Left to rot upon the ground
Garbage of a bloody war
Lost is it- but never found

Black fire burns at Nation’s the heart
Kill it says Destroy
Hidden, buried as we keep
To resist its evil ploy

No way to stop, to extinguish
The Black fire that burns within
A demon, monster, heart of anguish
War: violent, bloody, sin

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