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April 21, 2009
By laylalethal GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
laylalethal GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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We are built up by bones which empower us to walk, stand, and run. Yet, if we were built up by emotions, we would all without a doubt collapse

We are the people
Whom you reject and disregard.
If you listen closely,
You'll hear our undead, beating hearts.
You'll hear our soldiers cry –
The ones you neglect and disregard.
If you listen closely
You will hear the silence of their hearts.
We are the families
Of the soldiers you ignore –
The ones who stood by you
From the beginning of this war
We are the citizens
Of the nation you've destroyed
If you watch us closely
You'll see in this war that we've employed,
We've created a situation in which it's
Impossible to restore
The beating of their hearts
And the pain which we've endured.
Try to pick up your regrets
And fix this, Mr. President
Envy all of what we could be
Try to, in happiness, bury your dead
… Our dead.

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