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The Flavors of Life

March 1, 2019
By Anonymous

The mesh of the two flavors 
coagulating together
Louisiana rub’s crisp. 
Along with Cajun’s spicy kick
It was absolute insanity
You wish it didn’t stop. 

This is is what it was like at Wing Stop.
Each wing bursting with more flavor
Than the next, simply insane. 
How could these two work together?
I definitely got a kick,
The crisp crunch of a sweet french fry. Crisp.

Nothing describes it better than crisp. 
The bite is finished and the flavors have come to a stop,
But the experience hasn’t. A kick
Is only truly made possible with friends all around. Flavors
Bursting and more vivid than when eaten alone. When being together,
This togetherness creates- insanity. 

What’s truly insane
Here are the experiences had with others, crisp
In texture but also in life. Being together
Is decadent. Divine. Ambidextrous. The worries in the world just stop.
In time for a moment. A flavor
Explosion. Do you also want a kick?

Because this kick
Is what I get out of life. Insane
What being with the ones you love does. Flavors
So flavorfully crisp 
Each crunch more enjoyable than the other. Time stops
When we’re together. 

Then it resumes. Together.
It goes on and on. The mind kicks
Out the bad times and only really remembers the good. Stop
Trying to ignore the truth, but these insane 
Memories made together will always last. Crispy
Opportunities to make them now, however, will not. These are life’s flavors. 

It’s funny how people stop living after an extended period of time of not being together
With others. How quickly they lose sense of life’s flavors and the ability to have that kick
Out of little things. Insanity kicks in because we are social creatures. And we are crispy. 

The author's comments:

This poem's official title is "Flavors of Life." It's a sestina which is an QUITe difficult type of poem to pull off and still make sense, let alone sound eloquent. People write best when it's something they're passionate about and they just have fun writing it, so I chose to do yet another poem about chicken. That's when I truly realized that most if not all of my poems have some kind of chicken relation with them. The backstory behind this poem, now that I reread it is really obvious, I was just eating Wing Stop with my friends and I combined two flavors together and it was delicious. But the question I was asking myself as I was writing this frustratingly long piece was, "Why does food taste better when I'm with people I love?", and the words that come out is basically a response to that. 

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