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Their Fate Undecided

April 16, 2009
By Artistic.Angie BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
Artistic.Angie BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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Ruthless thugs and prostitutes
Homeless people in shaggy boots
Dirty children
Sickly babies
All for what
Their parents were lazy
Abusive father
Weak mother
Depressed sister
Criminal brother
Pregnant teens
With ridiculous dreams
Hoping that things
Are not what they seem
But the problem is
They really are
Little do they know
Relief isn’t far
All they have to do is
Believe it
Have faith
Even if you can’t see it
It’s all about the money
The economy
Is falling apart
In a million different ways
Creepy men with innocent smiles
Children don’t know
They’re pedophiles
There’s always war but no peace
Nine eleven so many deceased
Peer pressure
Intoxicated teens
Disappointment and a future
The world is not what I think it should be
But I finally opened my eyes
And now I see
A lot of those people were horribly misguided
They’re not innocent
Their fate just undecided

The author's comments:
I wrote this in hopes that someone will get the picture.That just because someone does something wrong doesn't mean they are evil,dirty or just down right the sum of the earth.They were just misguided and it could have been by anyone including themselves.

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